About Us

We are a none profit making organisation committed to provide support needs for groups of vulnerable people within the community. The homeless, ex offenders, people with learning difficulties and those suffering with mental health issues.

We work with people suffering from different types of social exclusion by reaching out in to communities across the country.

Elevating Lives believes that every one needs a helping hand to be the best they can be.

Our Mission

To ensure we deliver high quality support, health and social care through prevention, early intervention, recovery and rehabilitation at the point of need.

We are committed to ensuring people have access to social care and support when they most need it. We motivate, build confidence of clients when their lives are most chaotic. Our services provide choices; encourage individuals to take control and responsibility for their lives by giving them the right tools and information to do so.

Who comes to Elevating Lives?

People who are vulnerable due to:

  • Mental ill health
  • Offending history
  • Homelessness
  • Ex-offenders
  • Substance misuse
  • Victims’ of abuse

Through our pioneering and innovative work-shops we help people to make positive and lasting changes in their lives, within a caring environment that is trusting and conducive.

Elevating Lives can give people the opportunity to improve their lives by offering the support to achieve greater independence through the provision of housing related support and empowering life skills needed to enhance a better way of life.

Elevating Lives provides individual support in order for clients to become pro-active and starting to make the transition from accommodation based residential support to independent living.

We work in partnership with the local council and homeless organisations to reach those most in need.

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