Our Services

Our Services

We have a unique programme to help those struggling with independent living, tailored to each individual case. We work with the forgotten people in society to lift them back up and give them the tools needed to rebuild their lives.

Our service uses have helped mould and shape the support we offer as we tailor the help unique to each individual. We work with the local council, homeless charities and the prison service, finding those individuals that are ready to embark on their recovery and engage with our support.

We can support the homeless, ex offenders, domestic violence victims, recovering addicts and those with special needs and learning difficulties.

In order to help each person we provide the following services...

Supported Housing

Our services provides a safe and secure place to call home. We aim to promote independant living, by offering the support that is needed to allow each person to grow and develop. Motivating them to move forward in a positive direct.


Sometimes having a listening ear can make a huge difference - we can provide case workers to our clients to help them through their personal struggles providing methods to cope with difficult situations and work through troubled past experiences.


We offer group sessions and motivational workshops to inspire and promote a healthy lifestyle. Our workshops can teach essential independant living skills such as cooking, cleaning and financial budgeting.

Benefit Advice

We can help our clients to access the correct support for their unique situation. Often the benefit system can be confussing we can help to explain what benefits are available and ensure all support that is available is recieved.

Finding Work

Having a address to base from can in itself help with work options, we also aim to encourage positive reintroductions into paid work. We can help find volunteering opportunities to give back to the community and learn valuable skills.


Our dedicated addiction team support adults who are thinking about abstinence from drugs, alcohol, or substitute medications, and those who are taking active steps towards it. We don’t provide clinical treatment (such as detox programs), but we can help you contact other agencies that do.

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