Making Real Changes

We are proud of the impact we have on our service users lives, we constantly look to ways we can improve and we are always welcoming feedback from our clients , please read what previous clients have told us:

I’ve been homeless many times and the experience is quite a burden, mentally as well as physically. Always carrying all your belongings, you live and look like a permanent hiker backpacking forever, having no where to put your property and even worse, having no where to put yourself.
I do not have to talk about waking up in public parks to the sounds of fighting foxes or how me, and others, would squat in abandoned buildings on shivering nights; we used to drink and do drugs just to drown out the cold reality that confronted us.

But I do have to talk about Elevating Lives, a team of workers who I believe have never worked for themselves but only work for the betterment of those Individuals who have been fortunate enough to come into their acquaintance
I am one of those individuals and I can sincerely say that my life has taken a turning for the better ever since I knocked on their front door.
I was warmly welcomed and treated like a human being, the case workers getting to know me personally rather than through what was printed on paper. Before I could even absorb all the inspiring and uplifting encouragement they drilled into me at that first meeting, I was promptly handed a key to a house and room which I could call ‘home’. Furniture, a double sized bed, pillows as well as blankets and even Wi-Fi were already furnished in the heated bedroom. And when I shut the door behind me I felt privileged and grateful for those essential comforts which too often go unnoticed and only at seldom appreciated.

But Elevating Lives have gone beyond the call of duty. With their quarterly reviews and progress tracking assessments I have been encouraged to take up further education.
I am now enrolled at college doing a full time further education course which I must confess has only been a result of the confidence building meetings and mentoring I have received at Elevating Lives. The very name strikes a chord with me and offers a mental challenge to me as an individual to, well how might I put this, to elevate my life? And that is at the heart of what they do. They really do elevate lives. I was at the brink of going back into prison and at risk of my life being jolted by drink and drugs again but I was embraced with warm words and a warmer home and I can safely say that I have regained a sense of self respect for myself and now I am enthused with renewed energy and enthusiasm for life.

Thank you Elevating Lives,


-Service User

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