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Working Together to Elevate Lives


What We Do

Elevating Lives aims to help people with complex needs to return to more independent living within a reasonable timeframe by working with them through their agreed support plan. In collaboration with a panel of professionals and charitable organisations, we deliver services including ETE, IT training, therapy, life-skills and well-being, using our dedicated workshop at our Oaklands Avenue base.
We also signpost residents to local specialist service providers, e.g. Mind, Turning Point, the Well Being Hub, Crisis Skylight, AA/NA (a local GP surgery/dental practice, if required), as well as to volunteering and training opportunities with local charities. We have significant experience of working with HMPPS (NPS and CRCs). Our purpose is to work with each resident for up to two years as they journey towards achieving active, fulfilling, independent living. Elevating Lives is serious in its intent and will do everything we reasonably can to help people to accomplish their aims. Throughout, we will listen to residents and encourage them to heed each other; peer support is potent. Nevertheless, whilst residents retain the right to self-determination at all times, we have no ability to control, still less live their lives for them; they must show genuine commitment to progressing their own plans if they are to rely on our continued support. We are a stepping stone, not a sinecure, we record progress and anyone not prepared to engage in the project will be required to leave. For those who complete the programme, we are working with other services to develop a genuine pathway for people to continue their journey. Ideally, this will include housing and employment opportunities, as well as continued engagement with local support services. In the early stages, Elevating Lives outreach staff will remain on hand too, in case we are needed.

Who For and How

Elevating Lives is committed to working with adults who have complex support needs and experience of multiple exclusion. At present, we do not have the capacity to house people on the sex offenders register, but we will keep this under review. Because our approach is holistic, we seek to collaborate with known and trusted service providers and encourage referrers to maintain contact with us and their clients, to help us help them. Honest, timely communication between all parties is in everyone’s best interests, particularly our clients. It means successes can be recognised and celebrated widely, whilst any concerns, problems, errors, or omissions can be addressed without delay.

Elevating Lives wants everyone to succeed, which means running the project in a way that gives all residents the best possible chance. Living in shared environment means taking responsibility for oneself; being aware of and respecting the needs of others; and not putting each other in the unpopular position of having to lie or tell tales.
This means:

  • No alcohol or drug use anywhere on the premises (smoking tobacco inside public buildings such as ours is prohibited by law);
  • No overnight guests;
  • Residing at the project for at least four nights a week (and letting us know before stayingaway);
  • Treating project property with respect, maintaining a clean and orderly house (not just your own room) and promptly reporting any damage or defects;
  • Not taking or consuming anything that doesn’t belong to you (especially food, toiletries, clothing, electrical equipment, etc.,) without the owner’s prior consent. Thieves will forfeit their room immediately and may be prosecuted;
  • Being cautious about revealing where you live (for the safety and security of other residents as well as yourself);
  • Keeping the noise down and the neighbours happy, especially at night;
  • And critically, paying your service charge on time. Won’t pay, can’t play. It’s only fair.

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